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Hisham Mortada



Geometric Potentials of Traditional Architecture of Saudi Arabia

Hisham Mortada, Dept of Architecture, College of Environmental Design, KAU

Saudi Arabia features various styles of traditional architecture. This physical, spatial and artistic diversity is mainly a result of the surrounding environmental conditions that differ from one region to another. While the Red Sea costal plain where cities such as Jeddah, Yanbu and al-Wajeh are located exhibits traditional high-rise buildings of elements that combat the intense hot humid climate, the mountainous area of Asir is characterized by stone buildings that adapt the local cool-moderate weather. The hot arid central region of the country presents courtyard adobe houses of limited height that minimize the effects of the harsh heat of the summer and the freezing temperature of the winter. These different styles have not been enough studied in terms of their geometric aspects. This in fact represents a task for national and international researchers as this type of traditional architecture embodies solutions of several environmental, economic and social problems of contemporary built environment.