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Student Competition 2011


How Would You Zellij a Lemon?

We encourage all students from universities within the ARAB region to explore methods for innovative gemetrical explorations of the islamic tiling method known as zellij (زليج).

The exploration should respond to the challenge of applying zellij to a curved surface.

Winning Entries

1st Position Award

Mohammed Mostafa Mahmoud Dawod

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2nd Position Award

Ahmed Eid Rihan and Mohamed Hassan

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3rd  Position Award

Mohamed Abdelkhalek

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Honorable Mention Award

Rawan Daghistani

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  1. Define a lemon (it may be resized, cut, peeled, morphed, whole or partial ... )
  2. Design a zellij pattern to apply to your lemon (i.e. in 3D)
  3. Graphically demonstrate the underlying geometries both within your lemon shape and within the applied zellij.
  4. Use computer animation to fully describe and document your zellij design and its application to the curved surface(s) of your lemon.

Evalution Criteria

The submissions will be evaluated based on 3D modelling ability, quality in discovering the underlying geometries of zellij and its application to curved forms. In particular, great weight will be placed on the student's demonstration of creativity and innovation.



21 March 2011


5 April 2011


  1. Animation: 1-2 minutes of animation and/or video documentary of the exploration
  2. Poster: A1 size graphic that conveys your exploration and findings (file types: tiff, jpeg, png, pdf, mpg)
  3. Essay: 150 word essay describing the design and its innovative concepts (English, no figures, file types: pdf or doc).

Electronic submission via E-mail:

Please zip your submission into a single file prior to sending it to us via email attachment. Maximum file size is 20MB. (File types: .zip, .7z, .rar).

IMPORTANT! Ensure your name and contact details are included in the email. Files names must contain YOUR NAME but, to ensure anonymity, do not include your name in the graphic / text work.



Poster of Student Competition