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Workshop on
Introduction to Architectural Geometry

9 – 21 July 2023 @ TUW Vienna, Austria

Geometry is a fundamental aspect of architecture and used to create aesthetically pleasing designs, plan functional spaces, and ensure structural stability. This involves the use of geometric shapes, such as circles, squares, triangles, and polyhedra which are often used as basic morphological units for architectural design and construction to create architectural forms.

  Introduction to Architectural Geometry

Architectural geometry is the area which combines applied geometry and architecture, which looks at the design, analysis, and manufacture processes. It lies at the core of architectural design and strongly challenges contemporary practice, the so-called architectural practice of the digital era.

Recent architectural trends take advantage of the greatly increasing digital design techniques, which have evolved through the years, to achieve new type of forms. However, this increase did not go along with an increase in depth of geometry education for students of architecture.

Therefore, the study of architectural geometry is an essential part of architecture education, as it provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to create innovative and effective designs. By understanding the principles of geometry, students can create complex forms and structures that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also structurally sound. Additionally, architectural geometry plays a critical role in the fabrication and construction of buildings, making it an essential subject for aspiring architects.

This program comprises of selected topics from Architectural geometry:

We invite interested students to the two weeks program on Architectural geometry. Together with expert in the field:

This program will take place at the Technical University of Vienna, Austria. The program offers an intensive training provided by academic professionals and top experts from industry, where students get first-hand and systematic experience. All the courses are taught in English and the communication language is English.

Technical University of Vienna (TUW) is an excellent place for students to study architectural geometry for several reasons:


Applicants should be in their second or third year of studies in Architecture.


Registration fee: 1,000 Euro (Financial support is available)


We will assist students in finding proper accommodation.


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Deadline for applications:

12 May 2023